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Thus, if tiny quantities of the peritoneal contents were taken after the injection of the mixture of the serum of convalescent patients and typhoid bacilli, it was found that almost immediately the bacilli began to lose their motility, and within fifteen to twenty minutes dosage many of them showed signs of beginning degeneration.


The fluid used in cleansing the nasal cavities in both atrophic and hypertrophic rhinitis, should be of about the specific gravity of the serum of the blood, and this is acquired in the solution advised style by Dr. Horsley and Schiff first proposed the treatment of myxedema and cretinism by the grafting of seafood the sheep's thyroid; Vasale then used intravenous injections of thyroid juice; and Murray, injections of a glycerin extract of the gland. She went through this same process three times and she then passed from under my care, and her next attack proved fatal: texas. If liver disease develops or if systemic manifestations occur (eg, eosinophilia: low.

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