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Real - (b) If the objection has been made before the horse has been bought, the time for delivering but not for selling him, is thereby postponed until such time after the determination of the objection as the Judges appoint, and if the objection be declared valid, the person who bought him in shall have the same option as in the (c) If the objection be declared valid before the close of the races of the same day, the horse to whom the race is given shall then be sold by auction, if it be a condition of the race that the winner is to be thus sold, and any surplus resulting from his sale and from the previous sale of the horse objected to, shall be treated as surplus from the sale of the winner, and be divided accordingly, but liability to be sold shall in all cases end with the day of the Any person who refuses to deliver, as required by these rules, a horse entered to be sold or one bought in a selling race, shall be ruled off the course, and the horse shall be disqualified for all Any person who fails to pay for a horse bought in a selling race No horse shall be considered as struck out of his engagements unless the declaration be made by the owner, or by some person deputed by him, to the Clerk of the Course, who shall record the day and hour of its receipt, and give early publicity thereto. J., an admirer of Mrs Crewe France, early records of gambling of, infected by example of the propensities of the, increased in fostered in France by Henry IV., increase of, under Louis XVI., vivid account of, at Wiesbaden in Gaming houses, profits of, in France George III., dissolute manners in for Germain, Mons., connection of, with Goosetree's, Wilberforce and Pitt at, Grammont, Count de, a suspicious Greeks, the, addicted to dice and Hazard, introduced to England by Henry III.

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Sites - every entry shall describe the age, name, color, sex, sire, and dam of the horse, with the owner's name and colors. The hand with the higher top card wins: play.

Online - the Duke seems to have been a man of more ambition than ability:

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