Well here we are at my music page as per usual its a very simple affair: The buttons to your left allow you brouse the subsections of this page. Heres a summary of whats on offer:

My cds contains a list of my cd collection (well what I could be arsed typing - I'll update it) it will also (again when I ca be arsed) allow you to click on certain albums and get more information such as lyrics and if your really lucky you may even have the privilage of reading some of my inspired comments (I'll have to be really bored for that one).

Bands will take you to my recomended listening section inwhich you will be confronted by a list of bands with brief coments plus if I'm nice I'll include links to some reviews of their material and if they have one I'll include a link to their webpage.

Finaly the links button will take you to the main links section where funnily enough you'll be able to see some links :-P


Or if none of that appeals you can always click here to go back to my homepage.