Welcome to my NCF Diamond Page

The reason I invented this page was because I had seen no other page

with anything related to the NCF Diamond so I made one. This page

does not contain a guide on how to build or buy a new diamond it is

more of a showcase

The NCF Diamond or British Bronco as it was nick named was avalable

in kit form or fully built and came with the following options:



Toyota Hilux build which contains 4WD and a 2.4L. V6 It is basicaly a

hilux in a pretty body shell.

Ford Granada MK2 build. This is the version that gets the name British

Bronco because it contains a Ford 2.8L V6 and most of the parts are made

by Ford this is the build I own..

Here are the specs of the won I am building:

2.8L Ford V6

Electric Windows

3 Door 5 seats

Steel wheels (will change to alloy later)

CB radio

radio cassette(until I save up for incar video)

Bull Bars and roof rack


and mutch more.

I have seen some fine examples of Diamonds

but the most recent won was in Penicuik which

had a transfer wich looked like this: