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Slots - insofar as the Oklahoma experience, as described, addresses some regulatory apprehensions and difficulties, the following summary comment is offered to the Sub-Committee for If state participation and supervision, which extends to regulation within Tribal-State Compacts, ever was or is anticipated by the provisions of IGRA, then meaningful state supervision must be made possible and more clearly defined In the Federal law. He would do away game with street betting entirely.

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This evidence overcame the mobsters' claim that such devices "games" were not gambling apparatus:

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One of the primary reasons Congress enacted the IGRA was to provide Indian tribes, in those states which authorized some form of gaming, to conduct such gaming to fund tribal government and programs and provide for the general welfare of its members in much the same way state governments have used state sponsored gaming revenues: play.

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Because the commissioners had to deal with the clear and present danger of organized crime in Atlantic City here and now and took the tough decision "slot" to meet the danger head on.