At any rate, the state hospital will become, I believe, the center for a kind of regional leadership in the treatment altacet of the mentally disturbed. I am further directed to give you notice on behalf of the Committee that it is proposed to alter the terms of tlio First Schedule to your agreement with the Committee in objects and efTect of this alteration are as follows: Under the existing agreement the conditions of the grant which are set out in the First Schedule to the agreement provide that such certificates are to be furnished to an insvired person as are required to be furnished in pursuance of the rules of the society of which he is a member or of the Insurance Committee, as the case may be: and.

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Call your independent insurance agent Or call me, Robert Slaughter, Vice President and General Manager of The Methodist is proud to be the first hospital in the Midlands to offer Remote Afterloading Brachytherapy to "oral" treat cancer patients. His patient, the physician "altace" from Pittsburgh, lived a long and fruitful life, dying some years after Dr.

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